Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Friday, August 10, 2012

Initial Lumber Supplies Ordered

So today is another concrete step in the direction of building this boat. This step makes it more official in my mind. I'm more committed to carrying this through now, even though I was already very committed to do this. But it's no longer just talk, thinking, or low hanging fruit. The order for the first portion of the lumber was placed today with Houston Hardwoods. This lumber will be enough to build all of the frames except the transom as well as a portion of the keel.

The price of quality mahogany is quite high as is the price of marine grade plywood. The last week has been spent trying various combinations of laying out the patterns in an attempt to get the most parts from the least amount of wood.

This is not an easy process as getting the wood at a reasonable price means working with the lumberyard's available sizes (both widths and lengths). Furthermore, the parts have to be oriented on the lumber a certain way in order to get the proper strength (the wood's grain direction being a consideration here).

On top of that, there was some initial confusion about the pricing. I had originally had an order ready earlier in the week based upon some quotes. However I found out that there are two ways of quoting lumber prices. They are board feet and linear feet.

 Board feet pricing is the cost for the raw lumber, rough cut from the tree (I didn't know this then). It is quite a bit less than linear pricing. But it requires the builder to finish plane the boards and cut the straight edges. Furthermore, this rough wood is random lengths and random widths making it much more difficult to know in advance how best to lay out the parts. I was looking for finished wood of set lengths and widths.

So when I placed my order then, I was under the impression that the wood was ready cut and priced at the board foot prices.I was a bit shocked when the price quote came back and was nearly double what I was expecting. At the same time I found out about linear feet pricing which is the price per foot of the finished lumber. It varies depending upon the width purchased. I also found out that the wider and longer pieces I had hoped to buy were not available or were limited availability.

So back to the layout process with shorter and narrower boards. After a few go-arounds with this, I finally came up with a reasonably priced order that gets me the material I was hoping to buy. That was the order that was placed today.

So now, it's a waiting game until I can pick up the lumber next week. In the meantime, I will be getting the garage ready to start and researching epoxy glues and bronze fasteners. These items will also be needed for the initial construction phase.

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