Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lessons Applied

Last post, I mentioned how lightning was a factor and something that needed to be addressed. My garage now has some new fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling. It was a bit of a chore because my garage is short on electrical outlets. I decided to replace the overhead light with an electrical outlet which I then plugged the lights into. But the original electrical box that held the light wiring was too small for the outlet so I first had to pull that out and then replace it with a proper outlet box.

Of course when you go to do things like this, you invariably can't get access to something and that was the case this time. I ended up having to cut the drywall around the box in order to remove it. Once I got the old box out, it was fairly easy to get the new box in and the outlet wired up.

Hanging the lamps was simple enough as well. I decided to go with T-8 bulbs which are more energy efficient than T-12 bulbs. A little more pricey, but I'm satisfied with the end result.

I also mentioned in the last post that I was going to need something to draw the curves on the parts. Finding a piece of material flexible enough to do this and still able to be clamped down was not quite as easy as I hoped. But eventually I found a 3/4 " by 1/2"  by 8' piece of molding that fit the bill.

After putting in the lights, I decide to rearrange and clean up the garage. I needed someplace to store the lumber I had purchased. It had been resting against my work bench but that was very inconvenient. Now it is stored against the wall and raised up off the floor. The garage has more room to work, and I was able to put my fan so that it actually blows in the direction of my work area. That means that I can be a bit more comfortable in the heat we have here in Austin.

So now, to anyone who might be wondering, when the heck I'm going to get going on the boat, I can say that I am ready to return to construction. I plan on laying and cutting out some more frame pieces today. By next week I should have more pictures posted to my photo gallery.

An one final note. I made some changes to the photo gallery so that it shows the pictures in a slideshow in the order they were taken. So it allows someone to watch the construction as it progresses. You can click on the picture to return to the gallery in case you might be looking for a particular picture. The speed of the slideshow can also be adjusted (or stopped).

So until next time......................

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