Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Small Update

I've been continuing on the frame initial fitting and gusset construction. Frames 3 and 4 have been been completed as well as 5 and 6 completed last week. I'll be starting on frame 2 either tomorrow or Tuesday. I've added pictures to the construction gallery.

Not much new to see other than the shapes of those frames. Frames 3 and 4 do not have top pieces, therefore I have braced them with 1" by 4" pine temporarily. Frames 2 and 1 will be the same way. These braces will remain in place until the hull structure is completed and the hull has been flipped upright. Without the bracing, there would be a risk of these frames being damaged as I fit the longitudinal pieces into position.

There are a couple of shots of my garage in the gallery as well. This is mainly to show that it is not necessary to have a full blown workshop. In fact, I have several photos of boats being constructed in garages as well as numerous other tight fitting areas. To be sure, a larger workspace is desirable, but with careful planning and patience, a smaller space will work.

While constructing gussets for frame 4, I ran into an additional snag, which while unfortunate, is not a show stopper. The 3/8" plywood I purchased for gusset construction had a fairly sizable delamination between the layers comprising the plywood. Approximately one fifth of the board is unusable because of this delamination. I know this wasn't there when the wood was purchased, but it must have been weakened when I transported the lumber from Houston. Fortunately, most of the lumber is sound and I double checked the parts I had already made from this sheet. However, to be safe, I am going to subject a test piece to some stresses such as flexing and nailing to see if the part has any glue failures. If necessary, I will purchase another sheet and remake the gussets.

Finally, I will be ordering epoxy glue and the boat nails this coming week. Assuming, the plywood passes the stress testing, I will begin assembly of the frames in approximately two weeks.

So that's it for now.

Update 6/10/2015: I've decided to add a small tidbit about the patterns. Because of paper shrinkage, they are a bit smaller than the measured dimensions in the plans. I learned this in October of 2012 (see "Bit Of A Setback To Deal With" in sidebar). I resorted to laying out the measured dimensions on a large layout board and then using that to aid in getting the frame parts correct. Rather than repeat all of that here, it is suggested that you read that posting and subsequent posting to see what I did.

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