Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Gluing of Frames

I could encapsulate all of the work this week in the title since that is basically all that is being done right now. I am looking forward to completing this phase so that I can do something different. Still, it is a necessary step and part of the "journey" which I stated that I was out to experience.

Frames 2 and 3 have been completed now and I've started on frame 1. Frame 0, the transom, will require a bit more thinking before starting so I am waiting on that to do separately instead of in tandem as I did the previous two frames. I have also started sanding down any glue squeeze out that occurred. I have been wiping the glue down as I go, but invariably, there is still some squeeze out which has to be attended to. I've finished three of the frames in this task.

I've been looking over some photos I have of other builds of this boat and frames 5 and 6 have portions that will be visible in the cabin. I knew this in the back of my mind but hadn't really thought about it much. Basically the upper frame members and the upper gussets will be visible. In order to make these presentable without having to resort to paint, I am considering veneering a thin layer of mahogany over the portion of the gusset that will be visible. Then, that and the visible frame members can be stained a nice color to compliment the other cabin woodwork.

I haven't ruled out painting the interior yet, but I like the look of woodwork so it's higher on my list of desirable outcomes. But in light of this uncertainty, I have decided to modify the encapsulation process which was to be the next phase of frame assembly.

You might remember that encapsulating the frames means coating them with several coats of epoxy resin as a way to waterproof them. This is a necessary step to insure that the boat will be protected from wood rot caused by water. However, coating the wood with epoxy means that I couldn't stain it later.

Since I am not sure at this point what color stain (if any) I want to use, I need to leave those visible portions uncoated . So, instead, I will be coating all the non-visible areas and leaving the remaining portions til later when the boat hull is complete and I am planning the interior. This way, I have flexibility on the final finish.

So that the reader has something besides my text to look at, I am including a picture of the frames completed so far. There are a few other pictures that are in my latest photos folder in the construction gallery. Frames 2 and 3 are the separate frames by the work bench. Frame 2 has the single piece horizontal bottom member while frame 3 has bottom members connected together by the floor timber and a gusset. The curved piece on the floor, is of course, the stem which hasn't been glued together yet. The other three frames against the wall have had all their glue lines cleaned up since this photo was taken.

So that's it for this week. It's rather difficult to come up with things to write about without resorting to the small details. So if there is a gap between this article and the next, it's for precisely that reason. Take care.

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  1. You are making great progress. I can't wait until I can get to this point and start assembling wood. One thing you may want to try is getting some water based dyes and mix a combination that matches your mahogany. It is surprising what can be done with these dyes. They are not difficult to use and you have an unlimited choice of colors. You can tell what the actual color will be both of the raw wood and the wood you dye is to wipe the wood with mineral oil. The mineral oil makes the wood look like it will after the epoxy is added. Use scraps of the gusset material. Keep staining and testing until you are happy with the combination.
    Have fun

    1. I've known about these dyes but haven't really thought about it yet. I need to look into this as I get to the more presentable parts of the boat. Thanks.


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