Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Glassin' And Sandin'

Well, the title says it all. For the last two weeks I have been putting down fiberglass in sections. The entire bottom of the hull is now glassed with just a few fill coats left on the port bottom middle section. The starboard side has glass on all the sections except the forward section. The port side has not been started yet.

Each section has been the same process. Wipe down the bare wood, apply a seal coat of epoxy. After it has cured enough, smooth sand it (and wipe down again) and drape a piece of fiberglass over the area. Apply more resin and repeat the wiping and sanding after cure. Then repeat the application of resin two more times with sanding and wiping after each application. After the third application, feather sand the overlap areas so that the next cloth will lie flat. Then repeat the entire process again on the new section.

I am going through a bunch of sanding discs and foam rollers. I was getting buried in dust and decided to purchase a hose extension for my shop vac. That has made a huge difference in the amount of clean up required. Although the picture doesn't show it very well, you can see the dust I was generating from all the sanding.

Here is an example of the feather sanding of an edge of the cloth. By feather sanding, I give a nice smooth ramp for the next cloth to overlap this cloth.

After all the sections are completed, they will each have had a seal coat, a layer of glass, and three fill coats. After the third fill coat has cured I have been going back over and sanding the area one more time. The intent is to then apply one final fill coat over the entire hull. This will fill in any remaining cloth weave that needs filling, will provide an extra layer of protection, and will in turn be smooth sanded and form the base for the primer and paint coming in a couple of months.

One thing I have definitely seen though, is that this resin cures very hard after several days. In a couple of sections, I had to wait a few days to sand for various reasons and when I went to sand those sections, it was like sanding steel plate and required many sanding discs to complete. This is good though because I can rely upon the fiberglass and resin to protect the underlying plywood.

So that's it for now. Not much to talk about, but the work is getting done. I am trying to accomplish the glassing before the temperatures drop below 50 degrees. So far it's been relatively mild here in Texas with daytime temps still above 60.

Take care.

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    1. Thanks Mike, seems endless but I can see the progress every time I go back and look at the older pictures!


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