Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quick Update

Weather has not been cooperating much. Five years of drought and then it decides to monsoon right when I want to start painting!! Well I am thankful for the water. The lakes around here look wonderful now. Hope they stay that way for when I am ready to splash my boat.

In the meantime, I have completed the rollover structure and cradle and removed them from the boat. I've put on one coat of primer and am sanding that smooth. Another will go on as soon as it's not too humid. Possibly Sunday.

I think that will be the last coat of primer needed so once that's smooth sanded I can mark the water line and proceed with the final painting before the flip.

I have a few pictures of the remainder of the rollover and cradle construction.

Here are the caster supports for the building form. These will be attached to the building form legs when I am ready to roll the boat out of the garage.

I decided to beef up the boat to building form horizontal braces

Corner braces between the rollover structure and the cradle. The cradle connection will be made when everything is reinstalled on the boat just prior to the flip.

Everything off the boat while I complete the painting.

I'll leave it at that for now. Take care.

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