Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Head Box Work Part Four - Lots Of Parts

All the smaller details and finishing work that needs to be accomplished for this particular project means lots of opportunities to do little jobs in smaller segments of time. But it also means many hours of work to be accomplished to make large visible progress. And although discussing the construction of a sanitary facility is not the most glamorous subject, it does have its parts where I can express some creativity.

For example, the toilet opening below the seat. Probably the least discussed subject on the planet. But here, I wanted to have a nice hardwood edge, even if I am going to be the only one who ever sees it. This opening, the typical ellipsoid shape, is easy enough to cut out of the plywood. But making the hardwood edge represented a challenge that took me several days of effort.

There was the steaming of the wood and forming it to shape. The first try was a failure because 45 minutes of steaming time was insufficient. The second attempt got two hours. I made his edge in two pieces to make this easier to do.

Then cutting the pieces to final size and epoxying them into place. After cleaning up the excess, the edges were rounded over and the areas sanded.

Here is the end result. 

Then there is the toilet paper dispenser. I showed a few pictures of this in the previous post. I had attempted to steam the back cover from 1/8" mahogany, but that was not going to work. So instead , I used the Cherry paper backed veneer I had left over from the partition. This curved around the back quite nicely. Some fiberglass applied over the back side gave it additional stiffness. Then some stain for color. 

The compost bin is a stainless steel food bin from a kitchen supply store. This doesn't look that great in the previous photos, but my intention was to frame the top side with mahogany and create a mahogany cover to go over it. I am still in work on that , but here it is so far.

The ventilation fan housing needs to be mounted to the outboard (back side) of the head box. There is a circular opening in that panel where the housing will mount.

To give better access to the area behind the head box, an additional access panel opening was added to the back wall. This will make it easier to remove and install the fan housing, should I ever need to replace the fan. And it gives me additional access to wiring and bilge hoses running behind the head box.

There's also plenty of encapsulation work that needs to be accomplished. As usual, this is somewhat slow going since I have to wait for it to cure before I can smooth sand it and apply the second coat.

And finally, in preparation for assembling the head box, I need to get the area it is mounted in, prepared. This involves additional encapsulation and fiberglassing the floor. These areas will eventually be painted as well.

So that's it for now. I'll be off from work after next week so I am planning on getting the veneer work started, perhaps even finished. There's quite a bit of work involved in that so we'll have to see how it goes. Until next time, take care.

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