Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Clipper's Vera Cruise Build

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cabin Work Continued

With the head box mostly assembled and work starting on the port side, I have made some photo worthy progress. During this phase of the build, I began evaluating more deeply, just want I want to accomplish before floating the boat. Having a mostly usable cabin is up there on priorities. One of the items of the cabin, the cabinet across from the head will only be partially installed prior to launch and for now, will remain unfinished. The electrical box is necessary, but will only be partially finished as well. 

For both of these, this has to do partially with the need to get the cabin sides into place so that I can get a better idea of the relationships between the upper cabin and the cabin sides. 

There is still work to be done in the cabin before moving on to the cabin sides, however. This is mostly work under the floor and getting the existing cabin components installed. One of those components is the pair of seat boxes. The plan for these is to complete the basic box and top so that there is a seating area, but leave the flip up extension until later.

As shown in the previous post, I had started on the port side seat box. Work continued on that, assembly and encapsulation of the frame, and making and veneering the face plates. The starboard side box's face plate was also made and veneered.

Veneers for these are partial because portions of them will not be visible. These will be stained after assembly. The port seat box needs to have a corner Cherry edge piece made in a similar manner to that used on the head box corner.

Veneering these face plates was done slightly differently than the previous time. Instead of placing clear plastic on the floor when bonding, I added painters blue tape on all the areas where epoxy would seep out. This worked out well and was much less trouble.

In order to get the existing components into place, I need to finish the floor and underfloor. As mentioned, underfloor still needs to be worked more (mostly painting). The port floor board needed to be fiberglassed, encapsulated, and final fitted. That was accomplished as well. Also encapsulated was the port side planking outboard of the floor.

Additionally, the lower V berth face plates were finally installed. You'll notice a gap at the bottom edge on the second photo. This is a ventilation gap and is intentional, allowing ventilation of the seat box areas.

The head box was stained and encapsulated on the exterior. The interior is still in process of getting additional encapsulation touch up work and then will be painted as soon as I can decide what color I want to use.

And here is everything showing the various elements as they are coming together.

You can see the open floor space aft of the port seat box. Eventually the cabinet will be installed here, covering the open floor and un-veneered seat box aft face plate. The cabinet will not be as deep inboard to outboard, as the seat box, probably about half as deep, giving a it more floor space. It will be approximately 30 inches tall.

This has been an exiting time for me because I am finally getting to see how all of this is going to look. Of course, still much to do, but what else is new? So that's it for now. Take care.

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